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Domestic Violence

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. DVD cover. List of Designated Survivor episodes. Paul McGuigan. David Guggenheim. When an explosion destroys the Capitol Building during the State of the Union , Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Tom Kirkman is sworn in as President after his predecessor and all others in the Presidential line of succession are killed.

As he adjusts to his new role while questioning his capacity to lead the country, FBI agent Hannah Wells begins to investigate incongruous factors related to the attack. Brad Turner. When civil rights abuses in Michigan reach a fever pitch and Congresswoman Kimble Hookstraten, the designated survivor for the Republican Party, comes forward, President Kirkman deals with his first challenges as Commander-in-Chief. Agent Wells suspects discoveries at the bomb site are false and misleading and are intended to point the FBI in the wrong direction; a member of Congress is the lone survivor of the bombing.

Sergio Mimica-Gezzan. A press interview leaves many questioning the legitimacy of Kirkman's presidency.

A note to the reader

A leaked video claiming responsibility creates negative fallout; Agent Wells questions Congressman Peter MacLeish, the bombing's sole survivor, only to realize he is not truthful; First Lady Alex Kirkman deals with a personal crisis when she discovers a bag of pills in son Leo's bedroom drawer. Paul Edwards. President Kirkman continues to deal with the issues of civil rights violations in Michigan and finding Majid Nassar, the terrorist leader believed to be responsible for the bombing; Hannah continues to investigate Congressman MacLeish's actions on the night of the bombing; Alex seeks help from an unlikely ally; speech writer Seth takes on the job of Press Secretary.

A team of Navy SEALs is dispatched to Algeria and apprehends Majid Nassar as he eludes custody; Wells learns the truth about MacLeish's movements on the night of the bombing and shares it with her superior; someone from Alex's past makes a damning allegation; Aaron and Emily offer MacLeish the position of Speaker of the House which he declines. Michael Katleman. Tentative plans to elect a new Congress are put in jeopardy after an armed shooter disrupts a critical Governors' Summit at the White House; soon after Wells and Atwood interrogate Majid Nassar about his purported role in the Capitol bombing he is poisoned; Aaron and Emily offer MacLeish the position of Vice President which he accepts.

Frederick E. When a famed sports hero is arrested by Russian officials, President Kirkman attempts to negotiate a three-way spy trade with Saudi Arabia and Russia ; Alex confronts the man who claims to be Leo's biological father; Wells pursues a lead from the Majid Nassar interrogation and uncovers a shocking secret. Following a bioterrorism threat in Kansas City , President Kirkman is forced to consider canceling the Congressional elections; Leo confronts his parents about the scandal revolving around his parentage; the investigation into Majid Nassar's death takes a devastating turn as Atwood confesses to protect his kidnapped son.

Richard J. A security breach at the NSA and Emily's past disparaging words about a Senator combine to bring her to the verge of resignation; Wells and Russink gather information from MacLeish's military buddies and uncover a connection to the Capitol bombing; MacLeish warns Kirkman to be wary of Agent Wells. A car crash leads to a shootout in the countryside; an old file confirms suspicions of a traitor in the previous administration; Wells learns of an assassination plot and prevents a clear shot; MacLeish is sworn in as Vice President.

Stephen Surjik. President Kirkman is wounded during MacLeish's swearing-in; Wells is interrogated about her involvement in the shooting; Emily avoids Aaron in the wake of a devastating revelation; Kirkman sends Secret Service agent Mike Ritter to talk to Wells; MacLeish uses his time as Acting President to conceal his involvement in the failed assassination attempt: Wells tells Ritter to find Chuck Russink; Wells meets Kirkman.

Agent Wells is provided a secret room in the White House and works with John Forstell to learn more about MacLeish's involvement in the Capitol bombing; Emily's keeps Aaron at arm's length; the president tightens his inner circle; Aaron and Kimble meet; Atwood's sons body is discovered; Hannah witnesses MacLeish's wife killing him and then committing suicide.

As he prepares for a press conference, President Kirkman deals with the fallout from MacLeish's death; Atwood buries his son; Wells unearths information about how MacLeish became involved in the conspiracy; Emily replaces Aaron as Chief of Staff; Seth clashes with Abe Leonard, a discredited reporter bent on exposing the administration's secrets; Alex decides to reside with the kids at Camp David. Former President Cornelius Moss works with Kirkman to organize his Cabinet and prevent a genocide in an African nation; Wells interrogates former Chief of Staff Charles Langdon about his involvement in the conspiracy; Aaron makes a decision about his future in the White House.

US Constitutional Law: A short guide

Kirkman announces his intention to officially initiate his first hundred days ; Alex makes a statement that threatens to jeopardize the administration's agenda; Wells and Atwood find the mysterious woman responsible for his son's murder; Hookstraten presents Aaron with an enticing offer.

The Kirkman administration struggles to assemble a bipartisan coalition in order to pass a controversial gun control bill; Wells and Atwood travel to North Dakota and uncover evidence that suggests the conspirators are planning more attacks; Aaron is on board with Congresswoman Hookstraten. The new Supreme Court is ready for confirmation but Kirkman is forced to improvise when Republican Senator Jack Bowman blocks one of the nominees; Wells and Atwood investigate a clandestine group and make a shocking revelation; Aaron and Emily discuss naming Hookstraten Vice President; Seth learns that Leonard is writing a story that reveals the truth behind the Capitol bombing.

If a police officer is involved in potential wrongdoing or illegal use of force, police investigators always provide them with the time to gather their thoughts and to consult with an attorney before deciding to make a statement.

What to do when the Russians come

Police investigators argue that officers involved in shootings, for example, cannot be expected to remember details of the event soon after it occurs accurately. However, when a civilian is involved in a highly stressful situation, officers immediately attempt to pin them down to a story, sometimes using leading and hostile questioning.

Do you really want to stake your freedom on an interrogation that occurs while you are upset, nervous and ignorant of the law? The Constitution guarantees you the right against self-incrimination. Use it! The system would implode unless the vast majority of cases ended in a guilty plea. Any belief that the system presumes your innocence will be ripped from you at your bail hearing. If accused of a serious crime, expect to return your jail cell with a high bail and settle in for the ride.

Unless you can afford bail and a visit by a private attorney, you may find yourself sitting in a jail cell for weeks on end with little to no knowledge of what the allegations against you are.


When your court-appointed lawyer has an opportunity to explain the charges against you, you may also learn for the first time that the prosecution is willing to offer you a reduced sentence if you quickly take a plea bargain before contesting your case. At this time, many criminal defendants realize that the criminal justice system can be reduced to a poker game.

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Few men and women have the guts to take the case all the way regardless of the consequences. Most defendants, including some innocent people, decide to make the best out of a bad situation and take a deal.

State and federal governments so actively pass new criminal statutes that a large percentage of the public is subject to jail or imprisonment. The threat of arrest looms large for the average Joe walking the street as well as anyone involved in complex business or other affairs. For this reason, the current bi-partisan push for prison reform seems to be finding traction in even conservative political circles.

Bill Haney serves as a criminal defense attorney in Ventura County. He instructed students on pertinent issues in the criminal justice system, including the realities of coercive plea bargaining.

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  • Haney spearheaded the investigation into the wrongful conviction of Mr. Efren Cruz while serving as a prosecutor in Haney and like-minded police investigators testified on behalf of the defendant at his habeas corpus proceeding. The exoneration of Efren Cruz profoundly impacted Mr. The system is only as accurate as the professionalism exhibited by the stakeholders who comprise its ranks.

    To function correctly, the justice system requires that police officers, judges, prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys all maintain professional standards and dutifully carry out their obligations under the law. In most situations, however, the courts find the deception involved was not likely to result in an untrue statement. Mays Cal. Smith 40 Cal. Ask for An Attorney Actor and musician Ice-T warns viewers to immediately ask for an attorney when contacted by the police.