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Bold, daring, and provocative, Media Virus! And it considers - with something between amusement and mild alarm - the ever-widening ripple effect of the successful "media virus".

DNA: Truth behind "drunk policeman in metro" 2015 viral video

As culture critic for our wild times, Douglas Rushkoff shows that where there's a wavelength, there's a way to "infect" those on it - from the subtly, but intentionally, subversive signals broadcast by shows like "The Simpsons", to the odd serendipity of a classic New York-style sex 'n' family values scandal a la Woody and Mia exploited by the Republicans during their convention.

What does it all mean? Unless you've been living in a cave that isn't cable-ready, you're already infected with the media virus.

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But don't worry, it won't make you sick. It will make you think Media virus! I refer to and admit my viral precursor in v23, to which I am antigenic, and posit my descendants in the post-millennial struggle to fix the subsequent global attractor. I refer to all signifiers, all that is signified, and the resultant process of significance on both global and local scales. Compartilhe isso: Twitter Facebook. Curtir isso: Curtir Carregando In the beginning of the beginnings, there was the unknowable, the unknowable wove a web, its wires were seas.

From the unknowable came lights, and the lights copulated with the seas. From the uterus of one of the seas came a man whose golden skin was like the sun and whose head was like a […]. The following is from the book of a very prominent hihicronedwriter and hihicronedspeaker, Jai Shri Piyush Shri Pravin Bhagwati: Hihicron is very informal as there is still a lot of hihimisunderstanding about it which lead to ahoooo states of mind.

The Dead came back from Angalsama, where they found not what they sought. They prayed me let them in and besought my word, and thus i began my teaching. Harken: I begin with nothingness. Nothingness is the same as fullness. In infinity full is no better than empty. Nothingness is both empty and full.

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    The strange thing is, we find some loops--a mere story within one world can itself contain a story containing the ac […]. By Valda Roric Throughout history a large number of books have been banned only because they contained various uncomfortable truths or tales. Such books have been systematically hunted down and destroyed by representatives of the church or the state. Some copies have even been poisoned, thus giving the books a reputation of being cursed, as those who read th […].

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    We Are The Anonymous Party. We are cyber artists, not hackers.

    We are a small group of intelligent humans fighting for justice and freedom for all humans around the globe. We Are the Anonymous United Front. This is an anonymous message to all freedom fighters, when injustice becomes law it is our moral responsibility to resist! Anonymous calls upon you to stand up and fight for freedoms. This may be the last chance in history to impact change significantly. We Are You. We Are Everyone.

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      Media Virus!: Hidden Agendas in Popular Culture by Douglas Rushkoff

      Anonymous warns you to take heed of all New World Order Agendas taking place and going on in the World right now. The game 23 was created as a post project mayhem Alternate… Continue reading Project thegame Greetings fellow citizens of Nations from around the World. We increase the quality of life for all. We know the certainty of our future. We are the hand of Karma. We reward the righteous and We teach the wicked the errors of their way.

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