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In addition Gorre argues that the Pedubast of this statue is given certain titles which are shared with Pedubast II in statues Alexandria and , and not by any intervening HPMs. Devauchelle, CdE 58 , thinks this reconstruction is too long for the lacuna, concluding that it only contained titles of Nesisty I Gorre does not address whether he thinks there is room for this titulary. This is also true even if the lacuna contains only one extra generation, as Bakry supposes. Since the Anemhor and Nefer Thus, Reymond, Gorre and Devauchelle all conclude, by different lines of argument, that the name of the father of Anemhor was Nanefer The four reconstructions of Alexandria are shown here:.

Of the four reconstructions, I find Devauchelle's the most plausible, even though Quaegebeur's reconstruction minimises the number of individuals. Thus, while it is not impossible that there are missing generations, Devauchelle's arguent that three is unlikely is accepted here.

Against Quaegebeur:. Given that the term "deceased" is uniformly absent from Alexandria , its presence or absence carries no weight. Quaegebeur's argument that Anemhor and Nefer Quaegebeur's use of de Meulenaere's analysis of stele Vienna as a precedent for arguing that Anemhor and Nesisty were sons of Pedubast HPM ignores the fact that de Meulenaere's argument relies on the relationship of the sons on Vienna to their mother, which is not a factor here.

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I therefore accept Devauchelle's arguments that Anemhor's father was called Nefer Quaegebeur, CdE 49 59, 74 notes that on stele Vienna Neferibre PP III and his father are so-called in the hieroglyphic but Naneferpare in demotic, so the Na- element is essentially optional. It can be seen that this is not correct. However, Bakry's and Reymond's readings indicate that a rounded glyph such as " Hr "was part of the final part of the name.

The glyph for jb would also fit, which would allow the name to be completed as Neferibre. This is a name which well attested elsewhere in the family history. Thus I am inclined to agree with Quaegebeur's and Kelley's conclusion, if not their reasoning, that the name was "Neferibre". Statue Alexandria has very similar but not quite identical titles for the first part of this string: god's father, beloved of the god, master of the secrets of the temple of Ptah at Rutistet.

Reymond, Or 47 1, 6 calls him a high priest of Memphis, but implicitly retracts this in E.

StayinRibe v/Nefer Andrup

Quaegebeur, CdE 49 59, 66f. He identifies in D. Crawford et al, S tudies on Ptolemaic Memphis 47, 48f. I have made this correction throughout when using Reymond's and Bakhry's translations.

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See discussion above on the latter statue. Kelley, JAMS 12 25, who also concluded that Anemhor 's father was called Neferibre, though for different reasons than those presented here. De Meulenaere's equations are open to the objection that the name Neferibre and Herankh are common in this period. Also, stele Vienna contains no strong internal dating evidence. While de Meulenaere, following Spiegelberg, regarded it as certainly early Ptolemaic, W. Wreszinski, Aegyptische Inscriften aus der K. Hofmuseum in Wien 93 dated it as Saite, while P. Quaegebeur, CdE 49 59, 74 rejects these comparisons, comparing the proscenium on this stele to that of Nefertiti , daughter of Horemakhet HPM, which is securely dated to the early second century.

Since Heresankh and Nesisti-Pedubast are the only known officiants in the cult of Philotera, it seems plausible that they were closely related, and de Meulenare's equations provide a plausible means of doing so.

Pharaoh - Mission 5: Men-Nefer (Part 1)

His proposal has been accepted by J. Crawford et al, S tudies on Ptolemaic Memphis 47, 60 n.

Queen Khenemet-Nefer-Hedjet "the Great" | Louvre Museum | Paris

Since the cult of Philotera is not well attested, and appears not to have survived long, the death of Heresankh can be dated to year 22 of either Ptolemy II i. De Meulenaere, followed by Quaegebeur, chose the first pair of dates. Thomson, Memphis Under the Ptolemies , followed this reconstruction, but chose to date Heresankh to the period Kelley seems to regard this as a sufficient basis to propose the identity of Heresankh's father with Neferibre father of Anemhor. But there is another chronological observation to be made first. BM notes that Nesisti-Pedubast began receiving honours from the king in year Bothmer, pp.

Egyptian Museum Collections Around the World, pp. Sokar 10 1. Halbjahr , pp. Die Opferplatten von Giza. Studies in Ancient Egypt, the Aegean, and the Sudan, pp. Studies in Honor of William Kelly Simpson 1, pp. Zur Zierde gereicht. Cemetery G Object Dating Notes.

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G Limestone drum lintel of Nefer. Giza Minor Cemetery list of personal names. Giza Minor Cemetery list of personal names with sign numbers, p. Giza Minor Cemetery name card: Nefer G Giza Minor Cemetery names and titles index, p. Giza Minor Cemetery title card: commander of the young boat-crews. Giza Minor Cemetery title card: overseer of the scribes of the boat-crews. Giza Minor Cemetery title card: overseer of the treasury. Giza Minor Cemetery title card: scribe of the royal documents.

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  • View all 97 Photos. Description: Block of limestone relief from G , Nefer, chapel, S door jamb entrance thickness , relief seated figure of Nefer, and registers of ka-priests identified as Ankh, Iymery, Persen, Mesi : Louvre B Description: Block of limestone relief from G , Nefer, chapel, S door jamb entrance thickness , relief detail, seated figure of Nefer, and register of ka-priests identified as Ankh, Iymery : Louvre B Description: G , Nefer, chapel, east wall, standing figure of Nefer, north of chapel entrance, looking E.

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    Description: Block of limestone relief from G , Nefer, chapel, S door jamb entrance thickness , relief detail, seated figure of Nefer, and registers of ka-priests identified as Ankh, Iymery, Persen, Mesi : Louvre B Description: Museo Barracco, Rome: false door tablet of Nefer detail, left side, head of seated figure of Nefer and inscription above from G , chapel, W wall: Museo Barracco 1.

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