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This finding is in concordance with coping mechanisms that suggest that appropriate responses could deal with external stressors in a manner to avoid conflict [ 32 , 33 , 35 ]. Access to health practitioners for the management of sexual health problems could prevent domestic conflict, as found in other studies [ 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 ]. Older respondents were more likely to be in favour of adjusting their sex life, such as abstinence and sexual therapy, rather than seeking external partners or separation.

The patterns of responses indicated two groups: 1 situations in which women may separate, divorce or engage in concubinage, and 2 situations in which women would endure sexual problems and maintain the marriage. The majority in the first group had husbands with erectile problem or suffered from premature ejaculation. Women in the second group had children and husbands with genital ulcers or testicular cancer. The second group also included women whose husbands were the breadwinners, women that resigned to fate or believed there was hope for the problem to be solved.

If the couple already had children, the wife might consider the future challenges children would face if they divorced [ 10 , 28 ]. Many cited the presence of children and finances as fundamental factors for not divorcing.

Lust for life: why sex is better in your 80s

Additional information gathered suggested that financial buoyancy could play a vital role in keeping the marriage intact. Since men rarely report sexual health problems [ 21 ], knowledge from their wives could be helpful to marriage counsellors, social workers, and medical personnel to guide diagnosis and management. There are limitations of this study, which include the use of a convenience sample of health facilities which limits generalizability of the findings.

The sexual health problems were self-reported and were not confirmed through medical testing. The small number of FGDs could also be a limitation to the scope of the study.

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Finally, the combination of all male sexual health problems together may hide the variations inherent in different sexual challenges. This study has added to the body of knowledge on coping strategies for sexual challenges. However, the fact that the wives cannot easily discuss or report sexual health dysfunctions can be an obstacle to a healthy relationship.

This work is essential for planning couple sexual health services in Nigeria, and where appropriate, couples should be encouraged to attend clinic together for counselling and treatment. Men should also be encouraged to seek treatment and share their sexual challenges with their partners Additional file 1. Qualitative Research Review Guidelines Relevance of study question, appropriateness of methods, transparency, and soundness of interpretive approach. Haapala C. Stress, coping strategies, and marital satisfaction in spouses of military service members, master of social work, clinical research papers.

Minnesota: St. Catherine University, St. Paul and Minneapolis; Stutzer A, Frey BS. Does marriage make people happy, or do happy people get married? J Socio-Econ. Exploring stress and coping strategies among national guard spouses during times of deployment: a research note. Armed Forces Soc. Managing sexual difficulties: a qualitative investigation of coping strategies. J Sex Res. To tell or not to tell: patterns of disclosure among men with prostate cancer.

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James JE, Goldman M. Behavior trends of wives of alcoholics. Q J Stud Alcohol. Rao TS, Kuruvilla K. A study on the coping behaviours of wives of alcoholics. Indian J Psychiatry. Demographic issues in Nigeria: insights and implications. Bloomington: Author House Publishers; Boehmer U, Clark JA. Communication about prostate cancer between men and their wives.

J Fam Pract. Reprod Health. Couples, culture, and cancer. Intercultural Commun Stud. Kim SW. Prostatic disease and sexual dysfunction. Korean J Urol. American cancer society guideline for human papillomavirus HPV vaccine use to prevent cervical cancer and its precursors. CA Cancer J Clin.

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Male reproductive health: a village based study of camp attenders in rural India. Management of erectile dysfunction: perceptions and practices of Nigerian primary care clinicians. S Afr Fam Pract. Sexual function in Britain: findings from the third national survey of sexual attitudes and lifestyles Natsal Prevalence and risk factors of erectile dysfunction in Niger delta region, Nigeria. Afr Health Sci. The likely worldwide increase in erectile dysfunction between and and some possible policy consequences. BJU Int. Mitchell KR. Sexual dysfunction: conceptual and measurement issues.

Prevalence and treatment pattern of erectile dysfunction amongst men in southwestern Nigeria. Internet J Sex Med. Prevalence of erectile dysfunction and possible risk factors among men of South-Western Nigeria: a population based study. Pan African Med J. Am J Mens Health. J Cancer Epidemiol. Khalaf I, Levinson I. Int J Impot Res. Erectile dysfunction management options in Nigeria. J Sex Med. Cancer distribution pattern in south-western Nigeria. Tanzan J Health Res. Morokqff PJ, Gillilland R.

Stress, sexual functioning, and marital satisfaction. Botha F, Booysen F. The relationship between marital status and life satisfaction among South African adults. Acta Acad. Clark S, Brauner-Otto S. Divorce in sub-Saharan Africa: are unions becoming less stable? Popul Dev Rev. Stress, sex, and satisfaction in marriage. Pers Relat. Rust J, Golombok S. Br J Clin Psychol. Folkman S, Lazarus RS. An analysis of coping in a middle-aged community sample. J Health Soc Behav. The role of coping responses and social resources in attenuating the stress of life events.

J Behav Med. Pearlin LI, Schooler C. The structure of coping. Emotions: a cognitive-phenomenological analysis. Theories Emotion. Menaghan E. Measuring coping effectiveness: a panel analysis of marital problems and coping efforts. Communication and coping as predictors of fertility problem stress: cohort study of participants who did not achieve a delivery after 12 months of fertility treatment. Hum Reprod. Agyei-Mensah S. Green J, Thorogood N. Qualitative methods for health research. London: Sage Publications Ltd; Ritchie J, Spencer L.

Analyzing qualitative data. Qualitative data analysis for applied policy research. London: Routledge; Community perceptions of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia in Ogun state, Nigeria: a qualitative study. Srivastava A, Thomson SB. We saw what appeared to be adaptive behaviour in the older members of our sample. The problem is, having a sex life at all in your 80s is far from guaranteed.

Only about one in 10 women aged 85 or older, and nearly one-quarter of men of that age, enjoy one.

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Lee is studying what it takes to become a sexual survivor. There is likely to be a range of factors, he says. Having a partner is important, of course, and many people in their 80s have been widowed. Medication, for instance, can interfere with sex drive and ability. The Stones of Venice is a three-volume treatise on Venetian art and architecture by English art historian John Ruskin, first published from to Intending to prove how the architecture in Venice exemplified the principles he discussed in his earlier work, The Seven Lamps of Architecture, Ruskin examined the city in detail, describing for example over eighty churches.

He discusses architecture of Venice's Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance periods, and provides a general history of th Lovers' Vows , a play by Elizabeth Inchbald arguably best known now for having been featured in Jane Austen's novel Mansfield Park , is one of at least four adaptations of August von Kotzebue's Das Kind der Liebe ; literally "Child of Love," or "Natural Son," as it is often translated , all of which were published between and Inchbald's version is the only one to have been performed.

Dealing as it does with sex outside marriage and illegitimate birth, Inchbald in Want the latest scoop from Hollywood?

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Play later. How psyched up is too psyched up? And when? And, for what purpose? Should you always be psyched to the max? Does that make you "tough"? When it comes to maximizing performance there are varying degrees of arousal that appropriate for varying moments. Learning how to manage your arousal levels is a MUST if you want to perform your best!!!

More great books at LoyalBooks. Susan shares her insight on the latest in sexual vitality, rejuvenation, surprising reasons you may struggle with libido, how to keep sexual curiosity alive and well in your relationship, she also share Over-arousal is a real problem that shows itself in a lot of different ways. In some cases, it can look like chasing cars, animals, or running along the fence.

In other cases it can look like digging hundreds of holes in the yard or jumping on strangers. The extreme cases can be horrific and lead to people or other dogs getting seriously hurt. Not sure where to start? What do you do? What changes do you make? What's the answer? Sexually frustrated?

You are SO not alone. Sexual frustration can be a deeply painful experience, especially when you feel like there is no end in sight! If you feel like you are pent up, shut down, or itching with unmet sexual needs and desires, this episode is for you.

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Where does sexual frustration come from? What do we do with sexual frustra During this episode the three break down traditional gender norms with their infamous "Whats on Your Timeline" topic, and they also take a deep-dive into the world Want a little more freedom in your training, but still want to ensure you're making progress? Or, maybe you're feeling overwhelmed in training and need to create some consistency to help "make sense of it all"?

The whole show we are talking about trust and hurt … and how there is a tremendous difference in handling these two aspects of betrayal, lies, and broken promises. Enjoy the show! We've Moved! By SexyMarriageRadio. If so, what are the necessary ones? By brutalirongym. Thank you f In this podcast we discuss pricing options for both gyms and trainers. Can a sexy selfie heal your body image? Recorded live at The Carleton in Halifax.

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Become a patron. What is responsible role-modeling and what does that look like? Why does it matter? How does it positively impact your relationship with your dogs? In this episode, Kathy is giving you one of the most powerful tools to put in your toolbox to Your strength level has significant effect on the effectiveness of your training.

Better understanding how to structure your training properly for your strength level will allow you to achieve optimum results with optimum health. In this podcast we discuss how strength effects exercise choice, exercise execution, programming structure. In this podcast we look at a listener's diet!!! Jen talk to listeners just like you to help them with their sexual journeys based off of the If there is no such thing as a sex drive, what is that unmistakable and potent force that moves us, motivates us and pulls us towards the pleasures of erotic exchange? Ready for a deep dive Feel like you're in a rut?

Or, afraid to fall into one? Check out the podcast to learn more!!!


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