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Is by thee only, whom I love alone. Lines 2 through 4 express how the love the fills her and those around her notice it. In lines 5 through 9 she acknowledges that this love is solely a product of the love Browning has shown her. He has taught her how to love and before him she did not know how to love.

Lines 10 through 14 describe how his soul has helped hers up, and placed it along aside his, and because of this she can now love and she loves only him. And wilt thou have me fashion into speech The love I bear thee, finding words enough, And hold the torch out, while the winds are rough, Between our faces, to cast light on each?

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I cannot teach My hand to hold my spirit so far off From myself—me—that I should bring thee proof In words, of love hid in me out of reach. In lines 3 and 4, she uses the metaphor of a torch in rough winds, which is meant to enlighten what is between them.

In line 5, she drops it and goes on to say she cannot describe what she feels between them. In lines 6 through 8, she says she cannot risk herself by describing to him how she feels, and that she will not.

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In lines 9 through 14, she goes on to say that her silence must act as an answer to his question, otherwise she will relate to him nothing but the grief she has suffered. The next four lines describe all the things she does not want to be loved for. She tells us in lines 7 through 9, that she does not want to be loved for these reasons because they are changeable and unreliable.

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In lines 10 through 12, she says she does not want to loved because he feels sorry for her because one day her tears will dry, and then what is left for him to love. Sonnets from the Portuguese: VII. Sonnets from the Portuguese: X. Sonnets from the Portuguese: XI. Sonnets from the Portuguese: XII. Sonnets from the Portuguese: XIV.

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Oxford: OUP, Given Name:. Appeared in Poetry Magazine Losing It. By Roxane Gay. Read More.

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