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My son asked me -- when he was nine -- why all the girls on billboards looked exactly the same. Their faces, he said, were "smoothed out". Why didn't we look like that? When, as I explained about advertising and retouching, I told him how a retoucher friend of mine jets all over the world to photo shoots and exhibitions and commands exorbitant fees, he asked me if he could get "an apprenticeship". Beauty fakery, you see, is nothing new -- what has changed is how much better we've got at it.

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When Greta Garbo first went to make-up artist Max Factor in the late s, he said: "She has natural lashes more lovely than any artificial lashes I can supply. If they have time, they will often give you a free eye make-up application, too. Yet Garbo's luscious close-ups, her heavy-lidded and languorous eyes, caused American women to re-think their attitude to make-up.

Hair-Raising Truth About Celeb Wigs

Suddenly, they didn't want natural; they wanted fake. A few years ago, any woman using those devil's tricks would have been called 'fast' and cut dead by the minister's wife. Today, we don't seem to mind looking fake -- in fact, we positively embrace it.

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  • Since the "fake hair" scandal broke, appointments for Cheryl's real-hair extensions at London's Urban Retreat salon in Harrods have risen by 35pc. Meanwhile, over at an upmarket shopping centre, a more accessible version of clip-in real-hair lengths is doing a brisk trade at Daniel Hersheson's Blow-Dry Bar, where sales are up by 30pc since Cheryl was outed. The reason we love fake is that it means we can have it, too.

    We lap it up, demanding the innermost beauty secrets of the rich and famous. We want to know about the sticky tape that keeps breasts in place in low-cut dresses; how much Botox what star is having; where Anne Robinson went for her face-lift. Cosmetics company Benefit coined the term Fake-It for its more ingenious make-up lines; we learnt in the press last week that Cheryl's favourite self-tan is called, aptly, Fake Bake. We are reminded that even stars fall out of cars, knickerless and blind drunk; or have the kind of wrinkles a year-old really should have.

    But not everyone is happy with this trade-off. An eagle-eyed viewer spotted that Cruz was wearing false lashes, complaints were made, and the ad was amended with a disclaimer. Rules are very robust, and much tighter than in, say, the s. I can vouch for this, to a degree. In the early s, I appeared in a series of hair commercials, also for a shampoo -- Pantene Pro-V.

    Follow us:

    I worried about my hair, which was a mess because I'd spent a few months out of modelling living as a semi-drunken student, but it was nothing a deep conditioning treatment, a cut and a quick application of vegetable dye couldn't sort out. The Pantene people made sure I was using the real thing, and bottles of Pantene were sent over by the truckload. They took authenticity so seriously that they had performed studies on how best to achieve a glass-like shine on hair bright lights and leaning backwards, mostly.

    By the time they'd finished, my hair looked amazing. Did the lights, the vegetable colour, the conditioning treatment make me a fake?

    A Hair-Raising View of the Mechanisms by Which the Truth Has Been Manufactured

    The irony was that after all that effort trying to find a bona fide beauty journalist, no one believed I was real anyway. During an interview with Vanessa Feltz, the first thing she said on-air was: "I can't believe you actually exist!

    The point is, we cheat all the time. As Marcus Allen, salon manager from Urban Retreat at Harrods, says: "All those shots you see of models with masses of hair, it's usually set in rollers, then parted at the back, and all the weight and volume is pushed forward to either side of her face. So is Cheryl a cheat, or just doing what we all do and "enhancing" her own natural assets. She has admitted before that she has hair extensions.

    Saturday, June 18, 2011

    And, as Allen tells me, the fake hair is washed alongside the real hair, using the same shampoo, which presumably is the one she is advertising. So what's the big deal? I wasn't faking it when I said I washed my hair the other day with Elvive. In the interests of research, I used the shampoo and the tub of intensive conditioner. My comb slid through my long hair with ease. I rough-dried it with a blowdryer, admiring the shine, appreciating the volume. And you know what? It looked reet good. Bairbre Power Will I or won't I wear white? And could I push the boat out and wear a jumpsuit?

    Thrifting, pre-loved, consignment, vintage - whatever you want to call it, secondhand clothing is one of the most sustainable ways to shop. Darren Kennedy Designers gave fashion a lighter touch this season with feathers offering a whimsical textured appeal. Why we refuse to accept the hair-raising truth about beauty Kathleen Baird-Murray, who once appeared in a shampoo ad, brushes aside the recent furore over Cheryl Cole's hair extensions and explains why faking it is fine Cheryl Cole.

    Photo: Getty Images. And then I woke up.

    How safe are your straighteners? The hair-raising truth about Cheryl’s accident - BT

    Perhaps we're forgetting something rather more basic here. Does the shampoo actually work? From jumpsuits to feather-hem minis: this collection has something different for the Thrill of the thrift: Ireland's most stylish women share their expert advice for second hand Most Viewed Most Shared Thrill of the thrift: Ireland's most stylish women share their expert advice for second hand Green fingers: how to create a more sustainable garden, cut carbon and In saying MCA neglects larger issues and is bad for that does not contradict its merits or demerits in raising or attacking the hair dressing saloon issue.

    I am not really concern about what happened in Kelantan. In fact, I am very encouraged by PAS reaction to it. But MCA is not going to convince me anything by extrapolating the event.

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    • What I am most bothered about is that PAS walked right into this. Like it or not, the answer is simply Amorality in government. The morality is for the people to be responsible for, not the government.. Any issue with sex, sex ,sex he is surely interested. These guys are willing to let the rakyat suffer from radioactive etc…poisoning, chinese language issues etc… to mention a few.

      Faith is the basis of any religion, have faith in God, more importantly in yourself and those among you. PAS is exploiting Islam for its political agenda…. They are shameless puppets of the highest order. Najib is still an unelected PM…. They are what they are today…. Umno b has never been so shameless and all because they still hold the power to govern and keep talking nonsensical stuffs. MCA does not hv much 2 say abt its achievement, dares not comment on d issues related 2 Himpunan Hijau n d national education blueprint n also on d bluefilm of its por.