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In India, when training baby elephants, trainers begin by sturdily chaining one hind leg of the animal to a tree. The trainer then reduces the size of the chain until, finally, all that is required to constrain the animal is a thin string. Our belief systems color every experience, and we tend to keep interpreting and interacting with the world based on these core beliefs whether we are conscious of them or not.

A person can become aware of the glasses, choose to take them off, and consciously see the world differently.

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The first step in doing this is to become aware of your thought patterns and core beliefs, especially the recurring ones that repeatedly pop into your mind and govern your behavior. Notice which ones support you and which ones hold you back. Once you are aware of limiting beliefs, you can consciously choose to change them to something else every time you find yourself having these thoughts.

Mine used to be a real witch.

Rose-Tinted Reality: You’re Wired To View Loved Ones With Greater Optimism, Study Finds

Just vicious. This internal negative talk was a huge factor in exacerbating the fear, anxiety, and panic that led to a suicide attempt five years ago. I shut the witch up, learned to actually like myself, and extend myself some compassion. My inner critic has had a lot of time off lately. Why, in the world, was I reprimanding myself like that? It was just a mistake. It is possible to become aware of your inner critic and work with it, through tools such as mindfulness , thought reframing and affirmations , so that it becomes an ally rather than an enemy.

As long as you are going to be viewing the world through glasses, why not make them rose colored? I know the feeling. Came close to suicide but a little voice told me that the pain of not seeing my life through would be worse than anything I ever felt. As painfull as it was I decided not to not end this life. I now look back and wonder with a smile how I could have believed such drivel. Each moment, whether painful or joyful is a miracle I am glad to experience. Thanks for sharing.

Tony, I can totally relate. I find it hard to believe that suicide was actually a viable option that made sense to me at one point. It was option solely, I believe, because of my perspective and thinking.

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I have so much compassion for anyone who may be there and want them to know they they too can change this. Glad we both did! So glad to see you in such a positive place. I can only speak for the type of daughter and mother you have always been and continue to be.

Good news has the opposite effect. Similarly, when it came to strangers, if the participants learned the person was not nice, their vicarious optimism significantly decreased. Concern for others leaves its fingerprints on the beliefs we develop about the world. The full study was published Jan. Friend's Email Address.

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Your Name. Your Email Address. Send Email. Skip to content. My interpretation was that if you expect the worst, you don't notice someone's flaws. Am I right with this? I feel like I'm not. Is the lack of understanding cause you've never heard the phrase? Or what part breaks it down? Because that's what it seems like from your interpretation.

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The rest of the line was just a clever play on the physics of it, if you were looking through a red lens it would block out all red light so you would literally see a red flag as white. Red flags being another cliche meaning clues that point out the problems in a relationship or a person's character. The idea is that if you are looking for the best in someone you dismiss their terrible actions flags as mistakes or not a big deal not realizing that in reality they're glimpses into Bojack's fractured self.

In hindsight and with a new perspective no rose-colored glasses you see Bojack's actions for what they are in the same way that you'd be able to see the difference between a flag and a red flag after removing rose-colored glasses. I was pretty much abused by my mother in a smilar way to Bojack throughout most of my life, and because she was capable of being loving and affectionate, I would always find ways to dismiss it: I was a bratty child, mom had it so hard, I have a disability, she was just having a bad day, I'm a horrible child and my mother is a persecuted saint for handling me just like she and all her friends keep telling me, ect ect.

Now it is abuse, and now that I'm no longer denying it doesn't make me, or even my mother a bad person. Instead of feeing guilty for having a negative response to a traumatic memory, I've just accepted that they're what happened. I still have to figure out how I feel about my mother, as I don't love her or hate her but do both at the same time.

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Now when I think of mother all I can think of conflict and contradicting emotions, so it's easier just not to think about her. Rose tinted glasses make everything seem rosy--that is, red. That's the red of romance, the red of passion, etc. In an environment where everything looks red, "Red Flags" just look like flags, because they're set against a background where everything else is red. Instead of thinking, "Hm.